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NaSICON Technology –
a game-changing energy sector solution

“Sodium (Na) Super Ionic Conductor” is Enlighten’s proprietary, ion-selective ceramic membrane technology. NaSICON enables low temperature, high conductivity and selectivity of sodium ions which are in a class above traditional sodium separator materials. NaSICON is ready for rapid scale-up in manufacturing capacity.

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Diverse and high-value applications

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Long duration energy storage

Increase the value of long duration energy storage (LDES) solutions with Enlighten’s NaSICON separator material which enables the use of abundant low-cost raw materials: sodium and sulphur. NaSICON-enabled energy storage technology provides proven scalability and cost performance for next generation LDES applications.

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Sulphur and metals removal

The DSU® process, powered by NaSICON, is a low-emissions technology that reduces sulphur and metals in heavy oils to make clean, low-sulphur fuel oil for the marine market. It has been de-risked and is moving towards implementation in the CleanSeas demonstration plant to meet and even exceed the new IMO 2020 marine environmental standards. DSU® technology can also be used as a refinery pre-treatment process to produce more high-value products from difficult feedstocks.

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