Why DSU®?


Processes bottom-of-the barrel feedstocks

DSU® can process a wide range of heavy, high sulphur and metal feedstocks with ease.


High product yield

The DSU® process has high yields (over 95%) that exceed those of coking processes. Plus, energy density is retained – ideal for low sulphur fuel oil markets.


Removes difficult sulphur species

DSU® removes sulphur from deeply hydroprocessed residues, with preferential removal of asphaltene sulphur – a typical challenge for conventional residue hydrotreating.


Low environmental footprint

The DSU® process has low direct emissions. The majority of the emissions are indirect and related to the power source.

DSU® in action

dsu action

Cleaning up our oceans

DSU® technology has been de-risked and is moving towards commercialization with the CleanSeas demonstration project. The CleanSeas plant will use the low emissions DSU® process to create clean, low-sulphur fuel oil that can meet and even exceed the new IMO 2020 marine fuel standards.

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dsu action

Improving refinery yields

DSU® technology can also be used as a refinery pre-treatment process to produce more high-value products from difficult feedstocks.

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