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Enabling electrons to solve global challenges

One technology, multiple impacts

NaSICON technology is an innovative solution to challenges in the global energy and specialty chemical markets.

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image description image description Long duration
energy storage
image description image description Clean low-sulphur
marine fuel (DSU®)
image description image description Sodium metal and
chemical production
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Long duration energy storage

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Clean, low-sulphur fuel oil for the marine market

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Our proprietary technology is proven and
ready for commercial application

NaSICON is patent protected and has been tested over long durations at commercial conditions. Manufacturing capacity is operating at a commercial scale. We are ready to bring our innovative technology to the world.

Enlighten – backed by decades of research and development

1976 research

Ceramatec formed to advance research and development of ceramic membranes – specifically for sodium/sulphur battery applications

1980 research

Ceramatec develops oxygen sensors and new ceramic materials

1990 research

Ceramatec develops SOFC fuel cell technology

2000 research

Ceramatec forms new companies to commercialize technologies

2008 research

Ceramatec acquired by CoorsTek, the global leader in engineered ceramics

2010 research

Ceramatec begins development of sodium technology for oil processing (DSU®)

2012 research

Field Upgrading formed to develop DSU® process using Ceramatec’s NaSICON ceramic membrane technology

2015 research

NaSICON ceramic membrane applications advanced at lab-scale

DSU® pilot plant begins operation

2017 research

Field Upgrading acquires Ceramatec assets and IP and rebrands to Enlighten

2019 research

Commercial multi-purpose electrolysis stack (using NaSICON technology) successfully demonstrated at pilot plant

2020 & onward research

Initial work in battery technology

  • Continuous operation of charge/discharge cycles at pilot plant

DSU® technology de-risked and ready for demonstration

  • CleanSeas Demonstration plant operating
investing in future

Investing in the future of energy

Next generation energy storage and clean marine fuels are in commercial scale-up. Enlighten is also actively involved in the development of sustainable aviation fuel, specialty chemicals and carbon fibres.

Experts in innovation

Our executive leadership team is made up of experienced professionals dedicated to developing disruptive applications in the clean energy industry.

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