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How NaSICON energy storage works

NaSICON uses a catholyte that contains sodium and sulfur ions dissolved in a solvent. During the charging cycle, a potential is applied to transfer sodium ions across the NaSICON separator, converting sodium ions into liquid sodium. During the discharge cycle, liquid sodium is simply converted back to sodium ions.

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Advantages of energy storage with NaSICON

A game-changing long-duration battery solution.

NaSICON advantage

Low Cost

A cost-advantaged energy storage solution where cost actually decreases as duration increases. Enlighten’s LCOE and LCOS are 48% and 55% lower than lithium-ion solutions, respectively.

NaSICON advantage


Capacity can be easily scaled, increasing energy storage duration by simply adding low cost electrolyte with minimal land expansion

NaSICON advantage


Made from locally sourced materials and easily disassembled, recycled, and reused. The sodium and sulfur chemistry is based on readily available commodity chemicals and no rare earth minerals are required.

NaSICON advantage


Inherently safe module design for long-term operation. In the event of a separator breakage or crack, the battery simply shuts down for complete safety.

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