• Battery stacks can be refurbished and repurposed
  • Components are easily separated and recycled
  • Chemistry is benign and does not create new compounds
  • Stack materials are non-toxic
  • Majority of catholyte chemicals are recoverable and reusable

Easily Sourced in North America

  • Sodium and sulfur chemistry based on readily available commodity chemicals with large global supplies
  • No rare earth minerals required
  • All materials available locally in North America
  • Sodium is the 6th most abundant element, sulfur is the 16th


  • Power module enclosure is inert and free of moisture
    • Oxygen-free environment eliminates possibility of fire.
  • Sodium fully contained within power module
    • No possibility of reaction between sodium and oxygen or water.
  • Safe shutdown condition
    • Sodium solidifies at room temperature and can be safely handled with appropriate precautions.
  • Fail-safe Redundancy
    • In the event of a separator breakage or crack, the battery simply shuts down with no unsafe outcome.

Our Proud Partnerships

Long Duration Energy Storage Council Logo

Long Duration Energy Storage

Enlighten is a founding member of the Long Duration Energy Storage Council, a CEO-led organization spanning a wide range of energy storage technologies. Members include technology innovators, energy users, and investors. The Council provides guidance to governments, grid operators, and major electricity users on the deployment of long-duration energy storage. The LDES Council was officially launched in November 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow.

FNPA logo

First Nations Power Authority

DSU® technology has been de-risked and is moving towards commercialization with the CleanSeas demonstration project. The CleanSeas plant will use the low emissions DSU® process to create clean, low-sulphur fuel oil that can meet and even exceed the new IMO 2020 marine fuel standards.

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Energy Storage Canada

Enlighten is a member of Energy Storage Canada.

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Enlighten is also a member of the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) and the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA).