Enlighten Innovations Inc. Announces Project Infinity, a Highly Flexible and Configurable 600 kWh Battery

Calgary, Alberta – November 15, 2021 –

Enlighten Innovations Inc. (“Enlighten” or “the Company”), a developer of next-generation energy solutions is pleased to introduce Project Infinity, a 600kWh energy storage demonstration unit that will be located at the Company’s current facility in Alberta, Canada.

Project Infinity will focus on the validation of Enlighten’s Energy Storage Technology at commercial scale.

Enlighten’s battery combines three technical breakthroughs: a proprietary catholyte system and Infinite Anode™ technology both of which are enabled by a NaSICONTM solid state separator.

Enlighten’s proprietary catholyte system uses low-cost, high-energy density commodity chemicals that are readily available around the world. The Company’s Infinite AnodeTM overcomes the limitations of metal plating on the anode in traditional hybrid flow batteries by continuously moving sodium metal across and away from the anode. The combination of these three technical breakthroughs results in a highly flexible and completely decoupled ‘power – energy’ storage solution to support the global energy transition.

“Complete decoupling of power and energy at low cost is a game-changer, said Enlighten’s Director of Engineering, Mykola Makowsky. “Project Infinity will allow end users to validate multiple use cases, including short, intra-day energy shifting of a few hours to multi-day shifting of several hundred hours storage, and provide customers with an inexpensive option to expand energy capacity to meet specific market needs.”

Steve Reynish, President and CEO, Enlighten added, “Long-duration energy storage systems have become essential to accelerating our net-zero energy future. This demonstration project is an exciting opportunity for interested parties to evaluate Enlighten’s highly flexible and configurable technology applicable to a broad range of commercial sized systems.”

Project Infinity is scheduled to be operational in Q2 2022.

About Enlighten Innovations Inc.

Enlighten Innovations Inc. is a leading clean-energy technology company headquartered in Alberta, Canada, and Denver, Colorado. The team has extensive expertise in building companies and large projects and has deep experience in sodium battery technology and applications. We have been engaged in the research and development of clean energy technology for decades, working to meet ever-changing global energy needs and accelerate a net-zero world.

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Steve Reynish
President & CEO, Enlighten Innovations Inc.


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JDS Group of Companies

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